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Training Programmes


Ms. Pavri has travelled extensively since 22 years. She left India at the age of 21 for Paris- France for her post graduate studies. During the course of her travels & voyages at sea (being married to a Merchant Marine Captain) to distant lands & experiencing diverse cultures she felt the need to share her personal & practical experiences. This was with the primary view of creating awareness globally towards "Comfort Levels" being achieved by one and all (age being no bar) in any given situation, at all times - in various circumstances.

Ms. Veera Pavri (nee Kapadia) has acquired extensive teaching experience worldwide and has a time tested methodology of teaching the French Language (following the english medium of instruction).

She has been thanked and acclaimed by Honorable Paul T. Hellyer (ex Dy Prime Minister Canada & Defence Minister) as well regarding her teaching skills - she had the pleasure of conducting inhouse french language teaching and practice with him. She has lectured in Colleges in Mumbai, India at  Sydenham college of Commerce and at KC College as a French Professor in the past; Lawrence School Ooty - India , at  Fujairah - UAE - taught the whole school - OOEHS (Our Own English High School) French Language and has conducted private french classes in the evening hours all throughout wherever she was based globally including Toronto - Canada.

Teaching French is her passion and due to a voice loss (owing to nodules) she was forced to give her teaching skills a break..... Now alls well with the voice and she is back into training all age groups - young and old --- Kids Adults and Corporates are welcome.

References upon request are available.


Personality Development Orientation and Grooming (PDOG)

PDOG has proved to be successful in a number of individual cases as also in the case of Corporates and Educational Institutions~ It is the need of the day with India going global.

The Concept of PDOG training is the need of the day for every individual to feel comfortable in any given situation.

This course is not a finishing school or a training for Beauty pageants but purely the Study of How to Feel at Ease Everywhere,  Anywhere , At Anytime.

The course is custom made to meet the needs of any age group/all ages as per Institutional /Corporate requirement.

Personality Development:

  1. Human Interaction
  2. The Art of Listening
  3. The Art and Science of Personality Projection
  4. Decision Making
  5. Positive Thinking
  6. Overcome Stage Fright
  7. Developing Courage & Self Confidence
  8. Enhancing Leadership Qualities


  1. Speech Preparation,Organization,effective Voice Projection, Delivery Of Speech
  2. Addressing a person - one to one many - overcoming nervousness
  3. Sociability - Comfortable Level
  4. Diplomacy - Body Language
  5. Time Management
  6. Group Discussion & Interview Techniques
  7. Orientation East and West
  8. Telephonic codes


  1. Dress code - formal/informal
  2. Hygiene;makeup;colour schemes
  3. Table Etiquette
  4. Body Language - Posture;Poise

Our Clientele

References and list of clientele available upon registration and verification.

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