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  • Your end to property search in Mumbai - India

  • Come and discover this spectacular land of diversity !
  • Poverty v/s the Rich & Famous! Bollywood Divas !
  • Skyscrapers and Skyhomes v/s Slums and shanties ~Mumbai !
  • We undertake relocation of expatriates into India & provide them with complete back office support in executing their assignments keeping within a well defined time frame.
  • We act as a liason office/business centre and an intermediary for Corporates entering into the Indian market & assist them from inception to the end for all their various requirements. All relocation needs are looked after and catered to.



  • You have just arrived in Mumbai ?
  • You /your family/your corporate officer needs to settle in Mumbai ?
  • We cater to a customized end to end solution for all your needs right from the time you land.
  • We take care of A to Z, so as to simplify your life. Beginning with the hotel stay and making you comfortable upon entry!
  • We accompany you for the residential search, furnishing it, doing up the interiors (architectural work, material choice, colours) decorating it, installing all facilities (wire-less internet, phone, cable TV, ACs, generators, home staff, cars, etc
  • It caters to your comfort and stress free long stay!



  • We cater to your requirements
  • We accompany you to shortlist and select your professional office space.
  • We arrange to renovate it if required by you
  • We provide additional services as per your requirements eg. Packing /moving, cleaning, security, maintenance of office premises.
  • In the event that you company is already settled in India and requires additional services, please don't hesitate to contact us at anytime.

Our Clientele

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