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About Us


Who We Are :

Ambience International is a Real Estate Agency established in Mumbai since 2007, who specialises in finding the PERFECT home away from home solution. We help you relocate & settle you into a perfect & beautiful home in the best location correctly suited to your needs. Our expertise is to settle in expatriate officers & their families & or expatriate students; we also lease out / sell office spaces to corporates. Thanks to our global vision and to the potential of our network, our team assures you a memorable stay in Mumbai. We cater to all the requirements for settling you in from the word Go and on arrival at the airport. Our experience of being expatriates ourselves overseas makes it all the more easy in our home country, ie Mumbai, India.

Our clients in the past have been from esteemed business houses & we will gladly share with you our confidential client list on personal demand. In 2019 -20 we were honoured to relocate one of the CEO's of a large International Pharmaceutical group to Mumbai who will be very happy to share with you his feedback favouring our company.

Profile of  Ms Veera Pavri

Veera Pavri (née Kapadia) is a Post Graduate with French Literature & Economics from Bombay University & L’Institut Brittanique, Institut Catholique – Paris, France.

She has held very many high profile jobs in various countries-India, U.A.E., Canada amongst others – Her last post held was in Toronto, Canada- as a French Bilingual Executuve Assistant to Honorable Paul T. Hellyer – Ex Deputy Prime Minister of Canada & Defence Minister, Canada.

Honorable Paul T Hellyer is also a renown writer ~ Madam Veera Pavri has translated his book titled “Goodbye Canada” – from English to French - “Adieu Canada”. Special thanks is conveyed by Honorable Paul T. Hellyer to Mme Veera Pavri in both books  (Refer to Pg iii Acknowledgements) The books are being circulated in North America.

She has also been a French Professor in Colleges and Schools in the past in India and overseas. She has been acclaimed for her French teaching by Honorable Paul T. Hellyer.

Veera Pavri has acquired extensive international work experience with various French Banks (CCF & Credit Lyonnais), Airlines (Emirates- Dubai), Corporates (EDIFICE/Dubarch – Dubai), The French Consulate, The French Trade Commission, The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry etc. in India & overseas. She has also served as Executive Assistant to Chairman – Fujairah Free Zone – UAE; Executive Assistant to Sheikh Ibrahim Al Sharqui – Fujairah Trade Centre –UAE; & Executive Assistant to Director - AT&T Canada.

Since her return to India she has participated in various projects as a free lancer- interpreting, translating, coordinating (pls ref to her CV for further details– references available upon request.) & relocating expatriate families, individuals, various Corporates, Business Houses & assisting in Joint ventures. At present she is coordinator & relocations consultant for Renault-India & is helping relocate the French expatriates of Renault into India. She  is Proprietor-Ambience International focusing now on relocating  international expatriate corporate clients to India.

She has also been an Export Promoter & Business Promoter /Liaison Agent in the past for various Indian /Business Houses – Zariba, Gold International etc.

Mme Pavri has travelled extensively since the last 22 years. During the course of her voyages at sea (being married to a Merchant Marine Captain) to distant lands, & experiencing various cultures she felt the need to share her personal & practical experiences.  This was with the primary view of creating awareness globally towards  “Comfort levels” being achieved by one and all (age being no bar) in any given situation, at all times- in various circumstances.

PDOG & ACTIVE LEARNING – i.e. Personality development, Orientation and Grooming & Active Learning Programs / workshops have proved to be successful in a number of individual cases as also in the case of Corporates and Institutions worldwide & it is the need of the day with India going global.

The concept of PDOG training & Active Learning is the requirement  for every individual to feel comfortable in any given situation at any given time. Sharing live practical worldwide experiences offers one of the very best learning platforms to children of all age groups & to students of varied backgrounds. The workshop is fine learning but not a finishing school; However practical learning about how to save oneself or carry oneself in any given situation, be it good bad or an embarrassing one.

This course is not a finishing school or a training for Beauty pageants but purely the Study of How to Feel at Ease Everywhere Anywhere At Anytime!

The course is custom made to meet the needs of any age group/all ages as per Institutional/ Corporate requirement.


The Concept of PDOG – Personality Development, Orientation and Grooming& Active Action Learning

“Feeling at Ease Everywhere Anywhere At Anytime !”

It was during one of her trips - to Havana, Cuba that Mme Pavri was scheduled  to board a merchant navy ship to join her husband who was Captain on board. She was accompanied by the Chief Officer of the vessel & a trainee officer - Dee-pak. They were all lodged by the shipping company at a five star resort  while awaiting to board the ship.

Whilst attending a buffet luncheon, Deepak found himself completely dis-oriented in the resort where they were – He suddenly found himself being stared at by one and all present & just couldn’t understand why!

The reason – He had entered the dining room in an absolutely dishevelled state in flip flops-rubber slippers, uncombed hair, unshaven, as though hit by a tor-nado. His entire look & personality made one imagine that he had jumped straight out of bed & bolted to the restaurant hungry as a horse! Then to make matters worse – he helped himself to the buffet lunch and topped his plate with a generous mountainous helping of rice, beans on top, a sauce & some meat atop that… And - a lush helping of pudding, some icecream &  some cherries fi-nally right on top of all that ! Amazingly colourful I have to admit but most un-appetizing for the onlooker!

Cuba has acute food shortage-if a ship carrying any food/foodgrains enters any Cuban port other ships are told to give immediate right of way to the foodladen ship. Good food to come by is a dream for the average Cuban. Hence for the local Cuban it’s a treat to have a meal with foreigners. There was a Cuban shipping agent who was also present at the luncheon  on the same table as Mme Pavri and  was amongst others- rather shocked at Deepaks crude approach.

Deepak was concerned about people staring at him~ he was rather uneasy as he knew something was just not right! Mme Pavri took Deepak aside politely and discretely and alongwith the Chief Officer the very same evening introduced him to an intensive PDOG training programme & Active Learning in order to immediately rectify the given situation.. to avoid further embarrassment of any kind.

The next day, same time in the afternoon - a tall handsome young man well groomed with hair combed back looking rather suave in a well cut black trouser suit entered the restaurant- It was none other than Deepak ~ his look was that of  a thorough well groomed gentleman who extended comfort to himself and others around him.


PDOG & Active Action Learning changed the entire setting there making it  comfortable for one & all.

The concept of PDOG & Active Action Learning is the need of the day for every individual to feel comfortable in any given situation.

This course is not a finishing school or a training exclusively for Beauty pa-geants but purely the Study of How to Feel at Ease Everywhere Anywhere At Anytime !

The course is custom made to meet the needs of any age group/all ages as per Institutional/ Corporate requirement.

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The Concept of PDOG – Personality Development, Orientation and Grooming& Active Action Learning

“Feeling at Ease Everywhere Anywhere At Anytime !”

Our Clientele

References and list of clientele available upon registration and verification.

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