We take great pleasure to introduce to you & to your esteemed organization our company "Ambience International" - An established and time tested Corporate Service Provider & Promoter of Business Services. Our expertise is catering primarily to expatriates for Real Estate & new arrivals into Mumbai - i.e.CEO's/CFO's/CTO's & student groups.

International Mobility & Relocations - We make the impossible possible: Settling in a new country like India is not always easy, hence we cater to every need favouring your company, family, staff and personnel & are always by your side guiding you through the entire process until you and your family are well settled into Mumbai.

The second vertical of ours is Individual/ Corporate Training for French Language & Active Learning workshops which is the need of the day.... fine tuning of ones mindset - the feeling of comfort anywhere you go at any given time in any  given situation.

Working/business from the comforts of your own home NOW to be viewed as a pleasure & the advantages & luxury of "work from home" concept.

Ambience International in a nutshell incorporates: